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Pictogrid Walkthrough Video

Pictogrid is a challenging slide puzzle game where you must shift pegs on a grid to match the solution image. Pegs move in unison by column or row, depending on which arrow you click. If you still don't get it, don't worry because the game's mechanics is really easy to pick up and play. Pictogrid has 40 different levels and is ultimately becoming very challenging as you progress. This is a game that will test your logic and patience. Fortunately, the game saves your data so you don’t have to finish in one go. One special feature of this game is the level editor where you can save and share levels you or other people have created. Anyways, here are some Pictogrid Walkthrough videos we've found on the net.

Level 1 to 30.

Levels 21 to 30.

Coming up is the video for level 31 to 40...

Thanks to the uploader of these Pictogrid Walkthrough vids, EploitGamer. Check out his youtube channel here.

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