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The Game Walkthrough for Monkey and Uncle

Monkey and Uncle is the latest point and click type adventure game with lovely graphics, very cute and funny story from Minoto, also the creator of Cupid of the Mouse, Magic and Cat Escape and several other flash games. In this game, you must search around to find items and solve some puzzles. Anyways, here's the Monkey And Uncle Walkthrough we've found on the net.

1. Take hammer on bottom-right side of screen.
2. Move to the right.
3. Take helmet near the middle of screen, next to panda.
4. Move to the left.
5. Give helmet to Santa.
6. Once motorcycle breaks, take the engine, left to Right-side wheel.
7. Then move to the Right 2 times.
8. Use engine on the green cars right-side part
9. Take bomb.
10. Look just a little bit below from where the Bomb was. Take the comb
11. Move to the Left
12. Use bomb on the rocks, on bottom-middle of screen
13. Take the clay that fell out from Hole.
14. Move to the right twice.
15. Give Clay to the Man, that is on the Most Right-side of screen with Blue Clothes.
16. Take the key-shaped clay.
17. Move Left 3 Times.
18. Use Key-Shaped clay in the fire oven, top-right of Santa.
19. Move to the right.
20. Use KEY on the Cabin, in the Right-side part of Background.
21. Enter the cabin.
22. Take life-saving ring on the floor.
23. Move Out of House, Arrow on Top.
24. Move Right.
25. Use Life-Saving Ring on Monkey.
26. Take the wood, the Monkey was floating on.
27. Move Right.
28. Give Wood to Man with Axe and Green Clothes.
29. Take the sharpened wood (You may have to click on the Left-part of Wood).
30. Move Left 3 Times.
31. Use the Sharpened Wood on Small Hole, Right-side of the small Plant on Middle-Left side.
32. Use Hammer 3 Times on the Wood.
33. Take panda cake that fell from the Tree.
34. Move Right.
35. Give Panda Cake to the Panda, near Left-Side.
36. Take the sticker that the Panda threw.
37. Move Right 2 Times.
38. Use Sticker on the Car.
39. Take spray from under, where the Car was.
40. Move Left 2 Times.
41. Enter the Cabin, Right-side in the Background.
42. Use Comb on the Man's Hair.
43. Use Spray on Man's Hair.
44. Finished.

Thank's for sharing this Monkey And Uncle Walkthrough with us. Though it is pretty easy. Play game here.

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