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Defuse Amalgamated Research Group Walkthrough

Defuse Amalgamated Research Group is one of the challenging puzzle game out there. In this game, you have to defuse 9 explosive device to complete the game. Anyways, we are still gathering some data for the Defuse Amalgamated Research Group Walkthrough and here's a part of it:
start by pressing the 4 middle squares until they are all "off". do NOT press a middle square while it is off though, only press ones that are on!

after the 1st 4 moves, the entire middle should be off, with only 2 lights on each border remaining.

at this point, press the left light (already off) above the bottom duo of on lights. then, mirror this move on the top, and on the sides. you should now have all 16 central buttons "on" with 4 extras sticking out.

for the final 4 moves, press the button directly next to the "sticking out" buttons, this will turn the rest of them all off!

Credits: EG24

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