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Army of Two The 40th Day Review and Walkthrough For PS3

The Army Of Two 40th Day actually has the same shallow appeal as a summer blockbuster movie. It provides hot, satisfying action just about when you're in the mood for something loud and fun. Whatever, let's look at the good side of this game first. Customization of weapons can be really fun to do. It has detailed environments. The action is fairly brutal and satisfying. Light cooperative tactic has been executed really good and there are surprising replay value. But, bad things about this PS3 and XBox game is its often laggy experience during online play. The short campaign to harness all of the action. Sometimes you may even find some awkwardness in the movements. Anyways, all I can find on the net is the demo version footage:

So if you know something about the full Army Of Two The 40th Day Walkthrough, kindly share with us. Thanks in advance guys. Here's the part 2 video:

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