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Animals Escape Walkthrough

Animals Escape is the latest point and click type of room escape flash game by EscapeHeaven. In this game, help the animals to get out and escape from their cages so they could enjoy the wild nature again. Anyways, Here's an Animals Escape Walkthrough we've found on the net.

Zoom in on the bush and 3 stones in the lower part of the screen, near the middle then get explosives from the ground above the big stone.
Zoom in on the other bush to the left, get the other explosive in the lower right of the screen, beneath the bushes leaves.
Zoom in on tent, lift up lower corners on both sides, on the orange part. Get 1 red wire and timer.
Zoom on on the stone / tree on the right of the bear cage. Get knife from the right lower part of the screen.
Zoom in on tree / stones to the left of the rabbits cage. Get hook from shadow of the trees' left side.
Zoom in on grill, use hook on blue wire under the food.
Zoom in on bear cage. Use hook to get the last timer.
Zoom in on rabbits cage. Get blue wire to the left of the cage, you can see it between the bars.
Zoom in on the back of the car, use knife to cut loose the red wire, get.
Zoom in on bear cage, use right explosive on the key hole. Use right timer on the explosive. Use 0ne blue and 1 red wire (note: the ones with golden ends)
Zoom in on rabbits cage, repeat with what you just did at the bear cage.
Zoom in on front of car and escape.

By the way, you can also write and share your own Animals Escape Walkthrough below in the comments section so others searching may also see it. Play game here.

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