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SAG Ship Escape Walkthrough Video

From StoneAgeGames, Ship Escape is another point and click escape the room game and this time your mission is to escape the vessel that is about to explode really soon. The only way to escape the wrath of the ship's explosion is by boat so use all the adrenaline in your brain and escape the ship before it is too late. Not enough adrenaline? Don't worry, we have some SAG Ship Escape Walkthrough for everyone.

  • Step 1: click the far left of the boat to zoom in. get the scissors at the bottom left of the screen, zoom out.
  • Step 2: click the ladder under the black chimney (still on the left side of the boat). there is a barely visible brown object at the middle of the screen (to the left of the white thing). click it (may take a few tries because its a small hotspot) to recieve the gator food, then zoom back out.
  • Step 3: click the top-middle portion of the boat to zoom in. in the shade at the middle of the screen is a propeller, and at the shade at the far left of the screen is a battery. get both and zoom back out.
  • Step 4: click the bottom-middle of the boat now, and look at the cranes left pillar. hidden in the shade is the gps system. take it and zoom out.
  • Step 5:- click the far right of the boat to zoom in and take the mop in the shade, zoom back out.
  • Step 6: click the far left side of the boat again. use the scissors on the gator food, then use the opened gator food on the messy spot at the top of the stairs. next, use the mop on the messy spot and it will wipe clean, allowing access to the engine! zoom out.
  • Step 7: click the black chimney at the left side of the boat to zoom in. take the engine that is in plain view beside the chimney base. zoom out.
  • note: if you tried to do this before step 6, you wouldn't be able to pick it up because the mess was in the way.
  • Step 8:click the wooden boat. pixel hunt time. look closely at the rear of the boat. there is an almost-invisible battery there, get it. Next, use both batteries on the gps system (the black box), then click on the middle of the boat. place the gps, the fan, and the engine into their appropriate slots and hit the blue button.
  • Step 9: There is no step 9. It's over. You're out.

If that text version walkthrough of the game is not enough for you, proceed to the SAG Ship Escape Walkthrough video below:

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