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Hidden Alphabet 9 Walkthrough Hints Guide

This game, Hidden Alphabet 9 is, of course, the ninth installment of its series from Gamershood. In this point and click game you need to find the hidden objects which is the letters of the alphabet. It is quite an easy game to play but just in case you need some guide to help you out with this game, you can use our Hidden Alphabet 9 walkthrough below.

This is the guide for the Level 1.
A- near the left edge of the screen next to the drawer handles of the second drawer of the TV stand.
B- upper left corner of the screen under the palm trees in the Gamershood logo.
C- left of lampshade in the back right corner of the room.
D- light letter in the upper left corner of the right part of the curtains.
E- backwards letter of the table stand.
F- carpet in front of the TV
G- light dot on the sheer curtains over .the window.
H- on the wall in the corner between the 2 further wall lamps.
I- a dark letter covering the iPod on the nearer nightstand.
J- under the lampshade of the further wall lamp.
K- headboard.
L- on the black part of the carpet below the nearer night stand.
M- upper right corner of the nearer wall light’s lampshade.
N- in the shiny part of the front of the near nightstand -- the edge closest to you.
O- at the back of the desk chair in front of the window to the left.
P- on blue TV screen.
Q- carpet on the side of the bed near you.
R- on the bottom left corner of the closer wall lamp.
S- ceiling in back right corner of the room.
T- above the window.
U- center of the circle pattern on the carpet at the foot of the bed.
V- end of the black part of the carpet that is in front of the near nightstand (black letter goes into the tan part of the carpet at the right edge of the screen).
W- bottom corner of the folded part of the bedspread.
X- the black part of the legs of the desk chair.
Y- the upper right corner of the curtains.
Z- part of the squares of the headboard -- above the right pillows.
The walkthrough for Level 2.
A- base of the table lamp on the desk.
B- top of the mirror frame.
C- on the floor tile between the desk and the green footstool (somewhere near the rug).
D- next to the left nearer leg of the desk.
E- bottom of the bed by the left edge of the screen.
F- on the right rope tying back the left window’s curtains.
G- on the mirror.
H- lampshade of the floor lamp.
I- light green lower case letter along the left corner of the green footstool.
J- bedspread where it bends at the corner near the green chair and footstool- this is the hardest letter to find in the game.
K- green letter in the left window curtain over the floor lamp
L- on the floor next to the front leg of the desk that is further from you.
M- in the green leaves sticking out of the flowers on the desk.
N- to the right of the lampshade of the small lamp on the nightstand.
O- the “lightbulb” in the floor lamp.
P- is on the end of the right ceiling fan blade.
Q- on the wall about over the floor light.
R- side of the desk facing you.
S- large letter on the wall over the daybed.
T- laying sideways on the right corner of the nightstand.
U- over the lock on the trunk at the foot of the bed.
V- pink letter in the upper right part of the left window curtains.
W- in the top part of the headboard.
X- on the crown molding in the corner of the room.
Y- on the vase of flowers on the desk.
Z- the bottom of the ceiling fan light.
Finally, we got the guide the level 3 guide.

A on the floor between the corner by the left window and the carpet the left potted plant rests on
B red letter on the red flag (above the green symbol that I can’t make out)
C on the thick center post of the table with flowers on it
D on the red part of the carpet near the bottom left corner of the screen
E in the painted screen thing that is against the right of the screen
F backwards letter in the wood paneling between the right middle and right most windows
G on the pot of the right potted plant
H in the chandelier (left of the center part)
I between the right and second from the right windows -- just below the crown molding
J in the bottom right rectangle of the wooden part of the wall to the right of the right window
K center of left potted plant leaves
L a blue letter on the carpet below the desk (below the right smaller leg of the table)
M in the bottom right corner of the striped valance on the right window
N on the radiator cover at the left edge of the screen
O base of the blue flag by the yellow stripe
P red letter on the white lower flowers in the right center of the flowers on the table
Q in the dental molding over the middle of the second window from the right
R on the carpet under the right leg of the table (thanks, evie!)
S under the left chair at the desk
T under the crown molding between the two middle windows
U sideways letter at the top of the wooden part of the left wall
V back of the right chair at the desk (below the carved top piece)
W in the lower leaves of the right potted plant (right side of the plant)
X in the carved wood under the right chair at the desk
Y in the right leaves of the left potted plant
Z in the wooden frame around the left window -- the right side of the window below where the valance hits

That's just about it for our Hidden Alphabet Walkthrough guide provided for all of us to in case you give up looking for the letters.

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