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Gazzyboy Jewelry Shop Escape Walkthrough

Gazzyboy Jewellery Shop Escape is one of the latest point and click type room escape game from Gazzyboy. In this game, a customer got locked inside the jewellery shop. And you are that customer, use your brains to escape from the jewellery shop. Anyways, for the Jewelry Shop Escape walkthrough, I will only post a few parts of it for now and the rest of it will be posted later.
1. Click in the Middle of the Screen [Click Air Conditioner or Red Price List], to zoom in front wall! From this view, click on the Water Dispensor [Bottom-Right corner], to zoom it in. Click the Blue Rectangle in the Middle of Dispensor to zoom in even more [Or you can click the Blue Circle on bottom of Dispensor that says "GAZZY"]! Click on Blue Rectangle, to zoom in. Click on the Left-Side of the Blue Thing, to open it. Take the Magnet, and zoom out 4 Times!

2. Look on Right-Side of the Front Desk [Or, look at the end of Right-Side Wall]. You can see a Door. Click to zoom in the Door, click Door to open it, and click inside Door to enter! Click on Air Conditioner on Top of the Wall in front of you, to zoom in. You see the Grey Rectangle below the text "GAZZY". Click on the White Rectangle below the Grey Rectangle [Or click on the Middle-Bottom of the Air Conditioner], to open it! You'll see something Black near the Middle of the White Rectangle you opened [Look near the Middle of the Grey Rectangle, but a bit more to right. Then move to the White Rectangle, and you'll see the Black Thing]. Click to take Hairclip, and zoom out!

3. You see the 4 Black "Fake-Hands" on Right-Side Wall. Click to zoom in. Look near the Top-Left side of the Screen, and you'll see something blue [Or look above the 1st "Fake-Hand" on Left-Side]. Click to take Cello Tape, and zoom out. Get out of the room, by clicking on bottom-arrow 2 Times!

4. Click on the Air Conditioner, or the Red Price List in front of you, or Middle of the Screen, to zoom in. Look at the Middle Left-Side of the wall. You'll see a Blue Picture. Click to zoom in. A Ship! You see the 3 Windows at the Back of the Ship. If you look below the 3 Windows, and abit to the Left. You'll see some White Threads. You'll also see that 2 of the Top Threads are curved. If you look Left-side of the 2 Curved Threads, you'll see a long Straight Thread [You can see that it's abit stronger/bold than the other Threads]. Click on that Thread, to get a Thread. Zoom out 2 Times!

5. Look on left-side of the Front Desk [Or, look at the end of Left-Side Wall]. You can see a Door! Click to zoom it in. Click it to open, and click inside to enter! You see the Shelf in front of you [The one below Air Conditioner]. If you look in the middle of it, you can see a Necklace on a Black "Fake-Neck". Click the Shelf to zoom in, and click the Black "Fake-Neck" to zoom it in. Click the Black "Fake-Neck" to move it, and take the Diamond Jewel from it's Bottom-Right side. Zoom out.
By the way, you can also post your own Jewelry Escape walkthrough so others may see it. Play the game here.

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