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Escape Santa's Workshop Walkthrough

Escape Santas Workshop is latest point and click type room escape game from Gamershood. Apparently, you unluckily got a bad gift again this Christmas so you decide to go to Santas workshop to get a better gift. Now, get your cool gift you desire and escape from that workshop. Anyways, the Escape Santa's Workshop walkthrough will be posted later. For now, we'll give you some hinthrough of the game.
  • keep clicking on santas workshop in the distance until you see some green arrows at the sides. then, turn right and click on the igloo to zoom in. click again to view the interior, and take the fish, zoom out.
  • turn right twice and click the penguin. click your fish to automatically use it on him, and he will eat it. then zoom out and click the elf. click his hat to steal it and then go back to the penguin and give it to him. he will distract the elf for you, leaving the truck unguarded.
  • click on the truck to zoom in, then once more to get inside. pull the handbrake at the left to start up the car. a cutscene will then occur, and shortly after youll be inside the building. click to either side passage to see reindeers inside water tanks, with a message saying "thats werid".
  • throne room.
  • Kris Kringle.
  • snowflakes.
  • snowball.
By the way, you can also post your own Escape Santa's Walkthrough below. Thanks for sharing. Play game here.

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