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Dragon Ball Raging Blast Walkthrough for PS3, XBox360

With over seventy (70) playable characters, Dragon Ball Raging Blast will blow the battle field wide open. Also, one big change in this game is a extension of the battle field itself to encompass the massive 3d arena that makes the fighting action more true to the DB anime. Anyways, I was scouring the intarwebz for some Dragon Ball Raging Blast Walkthrough and did not succeed in finding an English version of a demo. However, I found soe Japanese made videos. So, just to show how the game looks like in action, let me post these:

The hand to hand combat demo video.

The popular beam struggle.

The game, both for PS3 and XBox 360, releases November 10 this year so lets hope that in the coming days there will be English versions of Dragon Ball Raging Blast Walkthrough, cheats, tips and hints to come up.

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