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Yard Escape 3 Walkthrough

The third installment from StoneAge Games' archive of point and click hidden object games, Yard Escape 3 goes with the same story line as the previous parts. On a picnic after a long weekend and some of your things are missing. You need to find these things in order to pack up the picnic and leave the city. Sometimes it is really hard to all the object in a hidden object game. But, the good news is you just found a Yard Escape 3 Walkthrough.

This is the text version and at the bottom is the walkthrough video.
  • Hedgehog: click the rock to the left of the orange shed -- in the corner of the fence between 2 fence slats
  • Mushroom: zoom in on the white grill -- between 2 fence slats just to the left of the grill
  • Red flower: zoom in on the bench in the bottom left of this scene -- on the bench seat to the left of the right bench arm
  • Gnome: zoom in on the yellow flowers in the middle of the scene -- behind the rear flowers, you can just see the tip of the red hat
  • Shoe: zoom in on the gazebo -- to the right of the right front table leg under the table top
  • Use the bottom bar to turn around
  • Coin: zoom in on the white seats -- on the right back corner of the table where it forms circle between the leg and tabletop
  • Squirrel: zoom in on the rocks to the right of the gate -- between the first fence slat and the post by the gate
  • Nut: Zoom in on the tree in the right corner -- in between 2 leaves to the right of the tree trunk on the fence slat
  • Zoom in on the gate and leave!

Oh ang gee, I can't believe I've missed that. Anyways, thanks to the uploader of this Yard Escape 3 Walkthrough video.

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