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Swiftly Walkthrough | Online Games

A quick game indeed, Swiftly is another point and click game from Episodes and Melodies, an awesome Japanese group of flash game creators. Some of their work are Heart Key and Look Up To The Sky. Anyways, in this Swift game, you will have to find hidden items and solve some puzzles as you play through the game. Difficult it is if you are new to this point and click type of game plus it has three possible and endings. But, if you screwed really bad in this game, you might just end up reading the Swift Walkthrough below.

  • Turn left from door, on this screen zoom in on desk and note the colored numbers and bank on the desk.
  • Open left drawer and take the handle.
  • Turn left again to scene of couch.
  • Click under couch and note the 3 (three) number safe.
  • Click table next to couch and see that the code to that safe is a triangle.
  • Turn left again.
  • Click the pot that the tree is in and take the object stuck in the dirt.
  • Click on that object in your inventory and click the bottom of it and see it becomes a Key. use this key in the bottom drawer on this scene and get the screwdriver piece.
  • Examine handle in your inventory and click the top of it to show a hole and click on the screwdriver bit and it attaches itself.
  • Zoom in on pinecone picture.
  • Click the lower left side until it moves and then click on the right side until the picture flips over.
Notice the note that shows to flip a switch on the side of the monitor.
  • Turn left.
  • Click on green books and take piece of paper.
  • Curn left again.
  • Click on box next to door.
  • Click on the lower left side and flip the switch, back in view of the monitor press the monitor button and notice the number on the triangle.
Go back to couch scene and under couch safe type in the number seen on the monitor.
  • Get hammer.
  • Hit the space above the couch and then turn right and hit the bank on the desk and get key that opens the locked drawer in this scene.
  • Pick up coin. stay in this scene and view the piece of paper you picked up earlier and match the numbers with the colors off of the thing on the desk.
  • After go left again and above the couch and use the coin to unlock the wall.
  • Click on the colors of the numbers that you just deciphered. (black in the little dot on the bottom)
Get key turn right click key into the door and then you're out.

We only have the in text version of the Swift Walkthrough and haven't got a video of it yet, but don't worry, it works.

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