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Free Ice Cream Walkthrough Play Online

A deliciously made point and click type of flash game, Free Ice Cream brings you a creepy story in which you have to rescue a little girl locked up in the cellar by some creepy insane cook that promised the poor little girl free ice cream. Escape from crazy cook's house without getting caught. Just like any other point and click flash online games, to finish this game you have to find items that can be useful in escaping the house where you are trapped. You can play it here. As of this time, we don't have the full Free Ice Cream Walkthrough yet, but we have some part of it.

You need to go to the kitchen first. Get the poison from cupboard. Then click the cat's food and it will explain that you can't reach it. Then put the stool closer and get the food. Put the poison first and then the cat's food in the plate. the cat will eat it and die, so you can get the duster.

Next, you must use the duster in the fuse room so that you can turn electricity on to open the door with code.
That's all we have for now. Watch out for updates on Free Ice Cream Walkthrough.

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