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Escape From The Pumpkin Room Walkthrough

This game is created by a Japanese point and click escape game creator, Teshi-e. In Escape From The Pumpkin Room, you are trapped inside a room where you would only be able to escape if you can find the items needed and solve the puzzles along the game. We want to wish luck on this one, but we'll give you more than that. Below is the Escape From The Pumpkin Room Walkthrough to help you beat the game.
Note if you click the corners of the flower picture, it can move. But you don’t know the order yet.
Turn left and zoom in on the couch.
Lift the left cushion and get a candle.
Click the right cushion until the cushion flips up and you can see the symbols.
Turn right and click the picture corners in the order from the cushion.
Get the circle key and note the holes in the wall.
Turn left 2 times and see the stands.
Turn left and see the fish tank cabinet.
Zoom in on the upper right door and use the circle key.
Look at the tea cup and get another candle.
Look at the blue canister and get a fuse from in it (II fuse).
Zoom in on the lower right cabinet door and see a place to enter a code. Click the handles and see you can open them in spite of the code and there is another code needed inside.
Very weird!
Hmmm… try entering numbers into the outside code box and you will find they stick on certain numbers. Click until all are stuck and then use those numbers on the inside code box
Get the blue game thing and the clover key.
Use the clover key on the upper left door of the cabinet.
Get the blue oil lamp from the bottom shelf (look at it in the about item view and remove the silver cover to free the wick).
Zoom in on the coffee grinder in the upper shelf and open its drawer (on the right side)
Get the paper from inside with the arrow clues
Turn left
Click the alcove and click the airplane -- see the code coin = O
Zoom on the green thing in the middle and note the arrows
Repeat the pattern from the arrow paper
The thing will light
You can light your candles and oil lamp using this fire
Go left.
Zoom in on the potted plant and get the candle by the trunk.
Zoom in on the shelf and get the pumpkin -- get the blue fuse from its eye (III fuse)
Click the woven trashcan in the corner -- get the fuse from inside (I fuse)
Look at the blue game thing in your inventory.
You can select green, yellow, and red colors on the right and can place fuses on the slot on the left of the base. Use this to find the numbers for the bottom middle cabinet doors
Draw 3 5x5 grids. Place the I fuse in the slot and color all of the green squares on your first grid, the yellow ones on the second, and the red on the third. Place the II fuse and color all the green squares on the first grid, the yellow on the second, and the green for the third. Repeat for the III fuse.
All of the green squares you drew in on your grid form a number. Same for the yellow and red squares.
Turn to right 2 times and enter the code into the middle cabinet doors
Get the gray box.
Open the box and get the handle.
Note you can pull the switch in the back of this cabinet -- if you back up, you can see it opened a hole in the floor with a pumpkin inside. But you can’t reach it.
Close this hole for now (move the switch back to the left)
Look at the gray box in your inventory view and put the lid back on it
Boy, it sure looks sturdy!

(Version 2 of the Walkthrough):

Hint through
Search the couch!
Click the corners
Circle, clover, spade, and heart keys are needed
3 candles and a gas lamp
The outer door code is the clue for the inner one
Plug and play
Draw the colors to see the numbers
Coffee can lead you to seeing the light
You need a stool to reach
A handle is handy
Put a cork in it
Now it is all wet!
Carve a jack-o’-lantern
Place the pumpkins
Get the key
Money is the source of happiness
The hint is on the airplane!
Another use for the knife
You’re outta there!
Thanks again to Kitakatfox for this wonderful Escape From The Pumpkin Room Walkthrough.

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