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D's One More Candy Walkthrough Hints

Let us all welcome D's One More Candy a Halloween inspired Japanese oriented point and click game from Doradora. You know the drill. The game's rule is easy and I wouldn't have to explain it, but if you are new to the world of escape games, this is how it goes: basically you are trapped inside a room and must get out from it by finding items and solving puzzles. For those who are looking for a D's One More Candy Walkthrough, welcome to the club. What we have here are only the Hint through of this game. So, if you have anything to add, please feel free to do so.

  • Cat statues = 2
  • Under pillow
  • Left drawer under bed
  • Under towels = 2
  • Under strange thing in toilet (plung?)
  • On shelf in toilet (look up)
  • Behind towel in bathroom
  • In freezer kitchen
  • In pan kitchen
  • In cupboard kitchen
  • Right of Sofa + lamp next to sofa (light on) + under cushion sofa
  • (Half note in book)
  • In bookcase view
  • Behind bookcase in cupboard
  • Next to box
  • In cupboard under towels between 2 doors.
That's it for our D's One More Candy Walkthrough hints for today. Maybe we'll update this later with the full walkthrough if we found one.

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