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Demon's Souls Gameplay Walkthrough Video

An action Role Playing Game (RPG) for Playstation 3, Demon's Souls pits you against the forces of The Old One in an unforgiving place, Kingdom of Boloteria. The good about this game is its unique online features, fantastic design of creatures and its animation, methodical yet intense gameplay and combat mechanics and of course the world structure itself. Actually, the game is hailed as one of this year's best. What is not so good about Demon's Souls is it's extremely difficult. When we say difficult, we meant you will go through a lot of trial and errors playing this game and you may consider wathching Demon's Souls wallkthrough videos. We have some of the video walkthrough below:

This game is not only one of 2009's best video game but, also one of the most difficult game ever. Hope the Demon's Souls walkthrough we showed you can help you beat the game. Good luck.

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