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Cars Race O Rama Walkthrough for PSP, PS3 DS, Xbox360, Wii

Prepare to race against new characters through the action packed video game, Cars Race O Rama, to win the trophy with your own personalized Lightning McQueen. This video game is now available in all gaming platform and that includes PS 3, PSP, DS, Xbox 360 and Wii, but except PC. Last time we check the price of this game, its $27.99 in Amazon and $29.99 in Best Buy. Now for the Cars Race O Rama Walkthrough, here is a video.

That's the Cars Race O Rama Walkthrough we've got so far. We'll update this later or if have a walkthrough of this game, feel free to let us know.

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David said...

I am a huge Disney Cars Fan but personally dont like the graphics on this game.My son which turned 6 this year absolutly loves it son loves it and can play for hours. The fact that the game can be played only by 2 is a shame - it would have been better if it was multiplayer , this way it would really capture the race experience.
I would give it 4/5