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Scribblenauts Walkthrough

Write anything and solve everything in this puzzle game, Scribblenauts, where possibilities are endless. The goal is simple. Help the hero of the game, Maxwell, reach the starite by solving each level's challenge. In Scribblenauts, you can write anything that you can think of and watch it come to life and put it to use to solve the challenges. For example, the scenario is a girl must be reunited with her kitten that was stucked on the roof. You can write a "magic carpet" so that Maxwell can use it to fly over the roof and pick up the kitten to be reunited with the girl. Anyways, here is the Scribblenauts Walkthrough Video:

By the way, in this video, Scribblenauts was played on Nintendo DS Emulator.

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Emmanuel said...

Which emulator are you using?