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Pub Escape Walkthrough Video

What we have here for you is a very high quality (LOLS) walkthrough video of Pub Escape. A point and click escape game from a known P&C flash game producer, 123Bee. The scenario is this: You have just defined what excessive drinking of alcohol and other flammable content and apparently you feel unsteady because of it. You have fallen asleep in the pub and for some reasons the bar tender and emloyees of the pub did'nt wake you up. Waking up, you have realized that you have a hangover and worse is you are trapped inside the Pub. So you have to escape the Pub all by yourself. Good news is, as i told you a while ago, we have the Pub Escape Walkthrough video here:

Now, don't thank me for that Pub Escape Walkthrough Tutorial. You can buy me a bee,r, though. Play game here.

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