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Marooned Part 3 Walkthrough. Stuck in the Palace

After Noam's Room, Stuck in the Palace is next and you're the one who's stuck in it, you can't escape that is why we are here to help you win the game Marooned Part 3. By the way, we could also help you out if you also got stuck in the previous Marooned Part 2, check it out. Anyways, back to our escape game at hand, Marooned Part 3: Stuck in the Palace, we found a video walkthrough while searching the intarwebs. The video is basically and actually an actual gameplay tutorial of the point and click escape game we are talking about. This tutorial video will guide you through the game and hopefully, escape the palace where you were stuck. But, first, let us stare at the image below for a few seconds:

Alright, I'm just kidding, I now give you the video walkthrough of the game Marooned Part 3 Stuck in the Palace:

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