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Erzuroom Escape 3 Room Z Walkthrough

Let's cut the intro for this one. Here is the Erzuroom Escape 3 Room Z Walkthrough:

Turn to the left part of the screen and get the key in the cabinet. You should also find a note in the cabinet that says: "License plate 1.3." Turn left again and enter the room. Open the drawer using the that you obtained and get the blue cable. Turn right. Using the ladder, go down. Click and use the flashlight to see the corridor. Just go ahead til you see the ladder which goes up. Then click the binoculars to see the outside. At this point, click the left arrow until you see the car. and get the numbers 3541 from it. There is a yellow note that says: "1.3". Take the numbers 3 and 4 from the car's license plate to for "34" which is the code for the PC. Go to the blue room and turn that PC on. Enter 34 for the code. Click on the "archive file" then on "draw file". A drawing hint, it is. Enter the grey room and take the mirror from under the bed. Back to the yellow room and go down again. Go to the binocular's point. Put the mirror in front of the bars thus letting sun shine inside the building. Go back to the blue room. Look for the secret panel on the wall. It is located on the left side of the world map. Get the TG UNIT- PASCARD from the secret panel.

That's it for now. I have'nt finished it yet but will update this in a few minutes. And maybe i'll try to post a video walkthrough for Erzuroom Escape 3 Room Z Walkthrough.

Update: Watch the video:

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