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Drawn: The Painted Tower Walkthrough Video

If you came here looking for the Drawn: The Painted Tower Walkthrough, you've come to right place. We gathered some materials that could help us all out to the world of Drawn. What we have here is two useful tutorial videos for the game. First, we have the Video Map Solution for the Ending:

An excerpt from on Drawn:

It's easy to spot the hidden object influence in a title like this, but once you start the adventure, you'll realize it's all about the story, the puzzles, and the breathtaking scenery. Each scene features a few clickable hotspots that contain mini-games, puzzles, or objects to collect. Quite often you'll come across pieces of things, such as scraps of cloth, shards of glass, etc., that need to be gathered in your inventory and assembled somewhere nearby.

Our second footage will show you how to solve the pentagram puzzle:

Always check back here for updates on Drawn: The Painted Tower Walkthrough.

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