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Captain Duck Walkthrough

It's not donald, it's not Psyduck, It's... behold... Captain Duck! The duck captain. LOL. Anyways, you're here for the walkthrough, right? Just watch the video below and enjoy. I found this one on youtube and

And while you are watching the video walktrough, let me divulge to you my story about the duck that me and my cousin Pong cooked. It just recurred in the depths of my memories.. The duck of my uncle got injured and is about to die when he offered us his duck and we did'nt hesitate to accept his offer. Pong immediately grab the dying duck by the neck. The next scene is the duck's head is no longer attached to its body. A friend of mine came by for a visit and some dr!nking session. Drink what? You ask? Any flammable liquid. LOL. The poor duck turned out to be a calderetang bibe or in English: Duck Caldereta. The sauce is perfect. Hot and spicy. But, we did'nt eat the meat. Why? Because we just can't. It's undercooked!

Oh well, sorry for that nonsense story. Haha! enjoy the calderetang bibe Captain Duck Walkthrough.


cnluktisch said...

Did you know that after you put the 2 ducks in the bathtub if you go back to the cabinet and open the dark blue then light blue it will give you a ducky key and then go back into bathroom there will be like a million baby ducks and if click on one of the bigger ducks it will smash the bathroom window and you can get out that way?
try it sometime it really does work

cnluktisch said...

For the complete ending:
--on the replay screen:[first ending]check the ducks of top row and bottom row to get color order
--press replay button to get into the game again
--press the buttons of the drawers by color order to get a duckhead key in the first drawer
--use the duckhead key to open the bathroom. see lots of ducklings
--click the dadyduck and see it flew through the window

sorry screwed it up in the last comment

mingkoy said...

@ cnluktisch:

wow. thanks. i'll try that.