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WASP 17 New Planet

A new planet from approximately 1000 light years away from Earth has been discovered and named WASP 17. Before you jump in to conclusion that the planet is inhabited by giant alien insect wasps from Staship Troopers, its name is short for Wide Area Search for Planets, a consortium of British Universities. This newly discovered planet is twice the size of Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System. Weather the planet is gaseous or solid, it is not yet confirmed. Did I not convince you that the newly discovered planet's name has nothing to do with giant alien insects? Don't worry, WASP 17 is very far away from us, so even if those aliens from that planet can travel in a thousand speed of light, it will still take them one thousand years to get here. By that time we are long dead. So don't get bothered by that WASP 17 new planet okay? ^^ Cheers!

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