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Gina Carano Playboy Pics

Are you looking for the Gina Carano Playboy Pics? Take it easy, the rumor about her posing in Playboy is not confirmed yet. The hottest lady in the world of Mixed Martial Arts however posed for Maxim and got listed in 100 Maxim celebrities. So there is really a big possibility that Carano will also consider to pose for Playboy. It is something that fans should watch out for.

Quick facts about Gina Carrano:

She's 25 years old. The daughter of Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Glenn Carano. Gina was once ranked by Yahoo as one of the 10 influential female. She weighs 141 lbs as of now and looking more attractive than in her recent phisyque. Yeah I know, it is not something you want to know. LOL. Don't worry, if ever there will be a Gina Carano Playboy Pics proliferating the internet, I will post it here.

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