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Escape the Convenience Store Walkthrough.

Here are some Escape The Convenience Walkthrough I gathered from other sites and blogs:


"On the first screen with the car you've rammed to the convenience store, there are items you can pick. But you're right, this is a mess.

Take a look on the middle rack with the glasses souvenirs at the bottom. Note them. Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Boston"
I don't really play this game but, I have noticed that many are searching for its walkthrough so I decided to write something about it.

So, here is another one from

"Click the third rack, and take a lock out tool in the slim jim box at the front. Take a look at the right, after the Soda dispenser and you’ll see the hotdog display. You can get a key underneath this table. There’s also another key on the next screen to the right. It’s on the cashier’s machine on the white box. Look at what’s behind this table by clicking somewhere on top. You’ll see a vault, use the first key (gold) you got and get a scratch card. Use the second key (silver) to open the drawer on this scene. Get a screwdriver."

If you find this information about Escape the Convenience Store Walkthrough hard to understand, there will be an update or maybe a video of the walkthrough itself so that it would be much easier for you to catch up. But, for now just settle with the information above.

Update: Here is the video tutorial of Escape The Convenience Walkthrough:


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