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Ashley Greene Scandal

The picture below is the so called Ashley Greene Scandal a.k.a. New Moons of Ashley. LOL. After Hudgens baththub, here comes Greene with one of her vampire biting pics:

Too bad I can't post Ashley's pictures where her moons are clearly visible. Its illegal. So, I have to cover them. Anyways, there are more scandal photos of her in


replicajewelry said...

When would human stop getting into other people’s personal matters? Yes, they took nude photos, big deal? There are thousands of people took them. So what? And even it is really a big deal, a fault to take them, they made mistakes. So what? Who never make a mistake anyway? Any celebrity, they are human and they make just as many mistakes and stupid choices as every other human. Do you dare to say you never make a mistake? If the answer is no, stop judging them.

student loan and consolidation said...

its fake i think take a look at this..

Ecologie Umana said...

You’d think she would have learned her lesson! Maybe she just likes the publicity …

We haven’t heard much from or about Vanessa Hudgens in recent months, but that’s going to change, as a new set of nude photos has hit the web. These pictures look much more recent than the original set. I can’t say for sure that they were taken after her first set of naked photos leaked, but the extensions, makeup, etc, definitely looks more recent. You like this, doncha, V?

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