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Andy: The Cave of Treasure Walkthrough

You can't get Andy out of that Cave of Treasure that is why you are here. You are devastated because you can't win the game, I know, that is why we came up with the Andy - Cave of Treasure Walkthrough.

First, take the left cave and touch the bat on the top left, he will drop a pin, take the pin and move forward.
Second, notice the large rock, use your whip on the rock, then click the eye.
Third, go back once and look at the wall to the right, there are markings, click on them to take a closer look.
Fourth, note the orientation of the eye and the dots.

Go back and then take the path on the right. Head forward again and you will find a fire ring and another eye on the wall along with some levers. Now, you must do following at this point:
• Click on the levers until they are in the same position as the clue on the wall, note the clue is upside down!
• Top lever (middle position) Right lever (don’t move) Bottom Lever (left position) Left lever (middle position) Then click the eye, it should say “You look into the eye and hear water splashing.”

Then go back and head right and then forward. Move the crate and take the bottle.
• Go back 3 times to the beginning and then go left and then forward. Notice the water on the left, fill the bottle with water.
• Go back twice and the right, right, forward, left and you will find an eye on the wall above a bowl, fill the bowl with the water from your bottle.
• The wall will open, enter the newly found passage, collect the wheel and then go back once.
• Move forward to find a cart missing a wheel and the pin. Place the wheel on the cart then the pin and then jump in the cart.
• Go back once and notice a turn dial, lever and a crow bar hidden behind some rock. Take the crowbar and then move forward, then right, forward.
• Notice a clue on the wall, triangles in a sequence. This is the clue to the dial you just seen in the room with the crow bar.
• Go back three times and use the code on the dial. Click the dial 3 times then pull the lever, pull the lever once more then click the dial 3 more times, pull the lever and then click the dial 2 more times and pull the lever, the door will open.
• Enter the room to find another puzzle, we will find the clue to this later.
• Move backwards until you can’t go backwards any more. Notice you can’t pull the lever, use your whip to reach the lever.
• Now you can go backwards three times and ue the crow bar on the crate and then get the rope.
• Move right, forward, left, forward and take the stone which was behind the cart.
• Go back twice and then right, right, use the rope on the stake in the ground. Go down, take the stone, head back up and take the rope back.
• Go back, left, forward, left, right, forward, forward. The path is blocked, look at the wall, there is some more writing. This clue is simple to remember, the first pattern looks like a house, the second looks like a pointed head with ears, the last looks like an alien head! Kind of at least!
• Go back four times to the room with the dial, go right and you will be back to the puzzle with four tiles that rotate, and a lever. Click the tiles until it looks like the house, then pull the lever. The top arrow should move over to the right once, then click the tiles to form the pointed head with ears, and pull the lever. The arrow on top should move again. Then form the alien head with the tiles and pull the lever one last time.
• Take the stone, then go back, left, right, left and place the stones into the slots on the wall. The door will open, move forward, click the log which says “You can build a raft with a few more logs.” Go all the way back to the room with the eye and the fire ring, take the two logs and then head back to the room with the water and the log. Place both logs next to the other log, and the tie them together with the rope. Jump on the raft and enjoy the ride to the treasure!
Our reference for this Andy- The Cave of Treasure Walkthrough is Hope this could help you win the game.

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