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Kat Von D Without Tattoos?

I have a photo here of Kat Von D without tattoos, but first let us take a look at a normal Kat Von D in her usual appearance:

And now, can you imagine a Kat Von D without tattoos? Here is an image of her with no tattoos:

How did she make it disappear? With the aid of some tattoo concealer by Sephora, of course. And that was a mystery- solved. LOL. So, if you want to hide your tattoos, you can put on concealers like Kat Von D did here in this photo shoot. Or else don't wear tattoos if you're only gonna hide it with a concealer later. Ha! Ha! Ha! Anyways, Kat Von D without tattoos looks cute.


Anonymous said...

mmh that picture is manipulated with photoshop. it´s so fucking obvious

Anonymous said...

Ofelia: it's actually not.

Lucy said...

Ofelia, it's her new 'Tattoo Concealer' from her make-up range at Sephora.
The odd redder bits are her natural skin tone, where there was no need to put the concealer on as there were no tattoos.

Anonymous said...

i saw the episode that they did this in. it was for a photo shoot of tattooed women, and beauty. not a photoshop manipulation.