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Cash for Clunkers Suspended: $1 billion is not enough.

It seems that one (1) billion dollars is not enough to sustain the Cash for Clunkers Stimulus. That's right, the $1 billion that Congress allocated is quickly depleted that is why it is suspended. So if you are to search the internet for information about what vehicles are eligible for cash for clunkers, don't bother. Because some 25,000 applications for the program are now pending and might not get approval and rot in someone's drawer. Take note, it's only a few days since it's launch. So sad. The cash for clunkers stimulus fund is suppose to get 1 million old cars off the street and replace it by offering those who want to avail the program some $3,500-$4,000. But, now it seems it's not working, obviously.

Anyways, the Congress is working on it for the continuity of the program (i hope).

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