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Michael Jackson is dead. The King of Pop: Dead.

Alright fans, Michael Jackson is dead, yes, you read it right, the King of Pop is gone but definitely will not be forgotten. He died at the age of 50 at UCLA Medical Center at Los Angeles.

Los Angeles county's asst. Chief coroner, Ed Winter has confirmed that his office will handle the investigation on Michael Jackson's death. Circumstances of Michael's death were not cleared immediately, ok. The fire department paramedics who responded to his house said that Michael Jackson was not breathing when they arrived. That is why they had to do some investigation. Could there be a foul play? No, I thik it's just a pure natural death.

I can't believe that the king of pop is no more now. There had been so many false news about Jackson's death in the past, but, now he is really dead. I used to be a fan when I awas small until those color changing-fake-nose-pedophile-plus-scandals issues arise. But, no one can deny that he's a very big part of the music industry and, I guess he'll always be. Michael Jackson is dead, too bad.


Donald Serrano said...

i'm so sad talaga when i heard that news. araw araw na ako nakikinig ng mga songs n'ya like you are not alone and heal the world. we will miss you king of Pop!

Donald Serrano said...

off topic... kindly delete this after you read.. hehe

thanks for linking me! i already added you up on my blogroll page :)