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Back to blogging and No To Con-Ass!

Oh yeah, I'm back to blogging again and No to Con-Ass. Hehe. I did not get the chance to blog this past few days because things happened and they did not happened very well for me. And oh gee I missed something to blog about in that past few days.

The things that I missed to blog about:

Con-Ass or Constituents' Assembly. It's hot. Very hot. But, that was about six days ago. Anyways, I'll still try to get on it while there is still hotness on it. Imagine this: what if Gloria Macapagal Arroyo made a bribe to our congressmen, say 20 million each just to favor this con-ass crap? Its quite a lot of money to make her dream come true. But, It won't work that easy. A wise congressman will consider the people, his constituents. He will be afraid that his name and political ambition might be put to jeopardy. If Arroyo falls, sooner or later, then all men that clings with her will also take the fall.

Will Gloria Arroyo declare a martial law? That is one of her evil options but least best for her. She wanted con-ass to perpetuate her power but declaring a martial law will be her ticket to hell. Why? Because executing martial law needs loyal, intact, satisfied military under your command. And what she's got now are military rebels, the Magdalo and others. She declare martial law and a military rebel will go kicking down her doors, arresting her.

Alright. Disclaimer: What I have written here are just my own opinion and not one hundred per cent facts. And with that being said, you understand that you don't have anything to sue me for, okay? Don't be nuts.

Mga Filipino, NO TO CON-ASS!!!

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