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How to be a good textmate?

Are you looking for a textmate? So do I and a lot of others from around the world does. But what fascinates me is that why would people look for someone he or she barely know to be his/her textmate. Or maybe that is the real thrill in having a textmate. The idea of having someone totally stranger to communicate with is exciting and fun. Basically, people get the cellphone numbers of their prospect textmate through social networking sites classified ads and other media. After having the number, the textmating begins with some pick-up lines and other forms of approach.

But the best approach is to send a sweet quote and being honest.

Sending Sweet Quotes.
You will only need to send your prospect with a lovely and sweet qoute and ball should start rolling.

Being an Honest Textmate.
More or less your prospect will reply with "hu u?" or "who are you?" and/or "where did you get my number?" the first time you text him or her. Not telling the truth or dodging these questions are common mistakes that people commit, and that leaves your prospect annoyed. Having this mistake, you can expect that your prospect will not response or text back again. The lesson here is to be honest. Tell his/her your name and where did you get his/her number and that's the start of a good relatioship as textmate.

That's it. My post about how to be a good textmate.

Later folks.


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